Summer time = outdoor painting fun Published - Sat, Jul 4, 2020
Summer time = outdoor painting fun

Summer time is among us and the weather is nice and warm.

The ideal time to get the easel out into our beautiful garden and create some paintings of the beauty of nature.

Academy on Air Published - Fri, Apr 3, 2020
Academy on Air

The academy started the ‘Academy on Air’ initiative to stimulate art students to continue to work from home on there art works and to show pictures of there working spot via the social media.

Night of the Academy Published - Mon, Jan 27, 2020
Night of the Academy

Last weekend of the 25/26th of January there was the 2 yearly event ‘Night of the academy’ which features a non-stop flow of events at the art & music academy in my home town Sint-Niklaas.

Best wishes for 2020 Published - Wed, Jan 1, 2020
Best wishes for 2020
My best wishes for the new year. Do not forget to enjoy the small things in life and be creative … With warm greetings, Steven
Disegno - Exposition at the Academy Published - Wed, May 1, 2019
Disegno - Exposition at the Academy

The exhibition ‘Disegno (Drawing) - The drawing as a process’ is on display in the academy of Sint-Niklaas.

This exhibition consists of 2 parts in which drawing is represented as a process in all its facets - ‘the result’ (part 1) and ‘the sketch / design as the basis of an artistic process’ (part 2).