Academy Graduation 2024 Published - Mon, Jul 1, 2024
Academy Graduation 2024

I am happy to announce that I graduated this year from the 4 year course ‘Living Model’ at the D’Academie Beeld van Sint-Niklaas under the speciliast care of our teacher Benny Luyckx.

Academy Graduation Exposition 2024 Published - Wed, May 22, 2024
Academy Graduation Exposition 2024

I will graduate this year from the D’Academie Beeld van Sint-Niklaas. And that includes an exhibition where you can admire the students’ works.

NEW Art Series Published - Mon, Apr 15, 2024
NEW Art Series

I am pleased to announce the birth of 2 new art series - ‘Wild Nature’ and ‘Decay’.

NEW M2I Art Series 'Flowerheads' Published - Thu, Feb 1, 2024
NEW M2I Art Series 'Flowerheads'

I am pleased to announce the birth of a new art series.

“Flowerheads” is the next chapter within the ‘March 2 Infinity’ universum.

Best wishes for 2024 Published - Mon, Jan 1, 2024
Best wishes for 2024
My best wishes for the new year. Let it be a creative year full of new art and more importantly a good health for you & your relatives.
Academy Open Doors Published - Tue, Jun 20, 2023
Academy Open Doors

My local academy Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) is having its ‘open doors day’ this weekend. People can freely visit all the class rooms and get to know the various disciplines and look at the created art by the students.