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New Feature Available - Art Series16/10/2017

Art Series Available

The website has been updated with a great new feature called 'Art Series'.

Art series provide a new way of viewing individual art works on the website. They combine different works which belong to the same artistic project and often have the same theme or purpose but are not necessarily made with the same art materials.  Until now my art works were only visible via the portfolio which typically groups works together based upon the used art materials.

The new menu item 'Art Series' will give an overview of the available art series.




The following art series are currently available:

  • Digital Wavesthe impact of information technology (IT) on our society and our human being.
  • Contemporary Portraits - discover contemporary portraits using traditional techniques like canvas oil or digital paintings on the computer.
  • From Live Models - A dialogue with the naked human body ... often from live models
  • Swimming Like Fish - projection of feelings on the fascinating underwater world
  • Seeds Of Lovemodern, expressive works on the theme of sparkling love and its origins


Each art series has its own individual page with a description of the overall theme or purpose of the series.


And the page contains a gallery with all the related art works.  The specific gallery can be browsed as normal.


Art series are thus a great and easy way for an art enthusiast to discover my works and projects.