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New Art Series - March To Infinity25/01/2021

New Art Series - March To Infinity

I am starting a new art series called 'March To Infinity' which handles the topic of transhumanism and the corresponding journey Humankind is undertaking.

From WIKI - "Transhumanism is a philosophical movement the proponents of which advocate the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly enhance longevity, mood and cognitive abilities."



Within the art series I am exploring the search by Humankind for the hidden knowledge to transcend the normal Human state of being and to become a God.  A dark rectangular stone represents this knowledge and is the object of the search. Who knows what hidden powers are contained within ?

In a nearby future I envision groups of individuals - cults if you want - who embark on a potential lifetime long journey to search for those stones within a variety of landscapes of what was once our beloved Earth.  The past impact of Humanity on the landscape and the earth will play an important role in the setting and imagery.   


The works are typically sketched first in smaller charcoal drawings and then worked out again on a larger gessoed paper using charcoal and thinned down oil paint.  The fluid oils form irregular patterns that adhere to the raw imagery of a desolated landscape. Colorful strokes of paint combined with charcoal sticks & pencil result in an overall desolated & futuristic feeling.



The subject of transhumanism definitely allows for wider explorations on content and ideas and will no doubt give inspiration for further art works and potentially sub series.

Initially some charcoal drawings playing with this idea started out as part of my existing art series 'Digital Waves'. But with the number of works growing the realization came that the topic deserved its own proper art series. Hence from now on you can find the new art series on its own dedicated page.

I am very excited about this new series. I sure hope you will be to.