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Exciting news regarding our website updates July 201726/07/2017

Website Update July 2017

In the meanwhile we are already in the middle of July 2017. It is time for some news regarding the many changes to the website!

In recent months we have been working very hard to expand our website with many new features.

Some extensions are mainly underlying and are not immediately visible to the surfer. Often they are preparatory adjustments for future planned visible functionalities.


One of the most visible new exciting features is the detailed information for each artwork. For this one there was a lot of preparatory work such as the ability to save all the art information, the design of the detailed pages and the integration of links into the existing pages.

Each artwork now has its own page with a lot of detail information like the materials used, background information, additional pictures, etc.




These detail pages all have their own unique URL so they can now be directly accessed through searches and also easily shared on social media.

The detailed pages can currently be accessed from the portfolio views via the 'magnifying glass' icon in the lower right corner.





For most works a lot of information is already available and the data will be expanded even further in the coming months.


In addition almost all other existing website pages are further modified with new content and enhanced design. 

Integration with social media and newsletter tools has also been optimized.


And we are not ready yet. We already have a lot of new functionality on our schedule.

But of course we also want to find some time for making art. Because that is of course what it's all about.

With summer artistic greetings.