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Corona virus and the academy23/03/2020

Corona virus and the academy

The corona virus outbreak is impacting our world, society and the academic school year.

Since a week or so we are all encouraged here in Belgium to stay at home and only get out for the most essential shopping. Contact with other people besides immediate family members should be avoided at all cost.

Not only our own, daily lives are impacted but society as a whole. Life has simply stopped with all business & public activities rendered down to the absolute minimum.  Almost everything is closed. Most people are either working from home (if possible) or are put into 'temporally unemployment' if their business decided or was forced to stop activities while the outbreak continues. 

Schools are closed as well which means that also the academy is closed.  Our weekly trips to the academy and meeting with fellow students suddenly came to an abrupt end. Class rooms look like they were abruptly abandoned, full with unfinished art works and material lying around.

This definitely feels like a strange moment and we will have to wait how the virus outbreak evolves and how it will impact society after the outbreak has been contained. 

But I am quite sure there will be impact .. let's hope for the better. 

In the meanwhile I can only hope that everybody and their beloved ones stay healthy.

Stay at home and be creative !