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Adobe Munch Content - The 5th Scream17/07/2017

Adobe Munch Contest - The 5th Scream

Adobe launched a contest about the famous work 'The Scream' by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.

Munch was the great foreman of expressionism. Initially, he was influenced by impressionism and symbolism. His works were especially post-impressionistic, but contributed greatly to expressionism.

Munch focused on depicting human emotions, fears and uncertainties. The shiny colors and expressive lines that he liked to use, as well as the choice of his subjects, had a major influence on the development of expressionism. Munch reconciled in his works contradictions like life and death, the vertical and the horizontal line, and movement and halt. (Source wiki)

Adobe digitized the original brushes of Munch and made them available as brush tools in Photoshop.

The idea was to make a 5th version (Munch himself made 4 versions) of the painting with only Munch's digitized brushes. Of course, the work meant to approach the theme of the original version and if a person was portrayed then this should be a self-portrait (to prevent copyright issues).

I chose to use a self-portrait but in a science-fiction environment.

Here is the accompanying story:

They suddenly came out of the creative clouds, big and all shiny ...
Hanging silently still for days above our cities.

Would they bring new technologies we were all hoping for ?

When they released their doom upon us with their destructive beams ...
All we could do was scream !




The work also includes a "wink" to Adobe itself - the spaceship is actually the logo of the "cloud cloud" tool set.

More details about the work itself can be found on the detail page.

The digital brushes are very successful and give a truly picturesque feeling in use and in result. A successful conversion by the expert in digital brushes - Kyle Brush - whose specific Photoshop brushes I've been using for a while.

It's not the first time by the wayI'm making a version of this painting by Edvard Munch.

I have already made a real oil painting when I studied at the academy of Antwerp where I actually received the nickname 'Munch' because of my expressionist way of painting.



Munch is rightly a master in painting and remains a personal source of inspiration ...