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Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended29/06/2020

Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended

The academic year 2019-2020 has ended this month and summer is upon us.  With that my 6th year already at the academy of Sint-Niklaas came to a conclusion.

This has been a weird year with the corona pandemic causing the school to abandon live attendance since march 2020 until basically this month (and thus the end of the academic year).  

This 'new reality' has forced the world around us to react and act upon and thus embrace the digital life even more.  Since march students have been working from home and shared their creations virtually with the teacher. 



I am lucky to have my own dedicated atelier and therefore I was able to continue to work on my art series 'Digital Waves'. A regular whatsApp life video conference with my art teacher 'Benny Luyckx' helped in order to discuss my new works and share experiences.  It was of course not exactly the same as 'the real thing' and it had its perks but I am quite happy how it went.



I have been working on my art series for quite some time and I am at a stage where I mostly don't need a real life model posing to create a new work.  Typically I would prepare a new idea by doing concept sketches and then decide if I need some actual model references.  If so I can ask a model to take a pose for some time and do some sketches.  These are then used for the final rendering.  Obviously the option of using a life model went away but one can still manage with photo references if needed.  It is not ideal but sufficient for now.



I am quite happy with the direction I am going with the series and the number of new works that have been created and I am looking forward to continue building upon the ideas & concepts.

I already signed up for the next academic year 2020-2021 not knowing exactly what the next months will bring as the virus is still around and seems to increase again.

Let's hope for the best and remain creative.