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A new start06/03/2017

A new start

I am glad to announce that our new web site is online !


After a decade of 'faithfull' service, the 'old' site had become completely 'outdated' - both in terms of 'design' as in underlying 'technology'. Furthermore it required quite some efforts to add new 'content' and to 'maintain' any existing one.


Therefore it was time to replace the old site with a content managed driven site using the great CMS system 'Umbraco'. Umbraco is not only a great 'CMS' system for 'developers' but it also contains a great community which deliver outstanding 'packages' that contain 'functionality out of the box'.  One such great package is the 'Umazel Starter Kit' by 'DotSee' which provides a great 'starting place' to set up a web site like this one. 


Having a new site also created the 'opportunity' to look back at the displayed 'art works' ... my art preferences and 'skill set' has been evolving over those years so not all art works were still 'representative' for what I want to pursue as far as 'art' concerns. 


My portfolio contains an updated 'selection' of my 'oil paintings', 'digital paintings,' 'charcoal drawings' and 'sketches'.



The 'charcoal drawings' gallery contains an overview of my drawings done during the last years at the academy - I am currently in the 3th year 'nude model' drawing.


I hope you enjoy the new site and I am looking forward to see you here again in the future ...


I already have some 'plans' on extending the galleries with additional information regarding each artwork and I will also add new content in the coming months.