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New Art Series - March To Infinity25/01/2021

New Art Series - March To Infinity
I am starting a new art series called 'March To Infinity' which handles the topic of transhumanism and the corresponding journey Humankind is undertaking.

Creative 3th year at the academy10/07/2017

Creative 3th year at the academy
The 3rd school year model drawing at the academy has come to an end. It was again a challenging year in which I tried to bring more depth to my work by developing a theme and also to grow my technical skills and knowledge. 'Digital Waves' was the theme that I focused on last year.

Portrait of Geke in a red chair17/04/2017

Portrait of Geke in a red chair
I recently finished an 'alla prima' oil painting of my wife 'Geke' who is sitting in a comfortable red chair looking outside. This blog post talks about the story behind the creation of the painting from a photo, including a digital painting and some progress shots of the real oil painting.