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Launching my first Crypto Art Collection on OpenSea01/03/2021

Launching First Crypto Art Collection on OpenSea
I am excited to announce I am launching my first Crypto Art (NFT) collection on the OpenSea platform. The art series 'March 2 Infinity - Visions' - regarding humanities quest into transhumanism - is started with 10 minted works. (EN only)

New Art Series - March To Infinity25/01/2021

New Art Series - March To Infinity
I am starting a new art series called 'March To Infinity' which handles the topic of transhumanism and the corresponding journey Humankind is undertaking.

Our RedBubble printed articles shop is updated24/08/2020

Sedas Printed Articles RedBubble Updated
We have updated our RedBubble shop with all our latest artworks including our recent digital waves art series. You can now print these art works on a whole range of articles ranging from clothing, household items to electronics gadgets.

Summer time = outdoor painting fun04/07/2020

Summer time = outdoor painting fun
Summer time is among us and the weather is nice and warm. The ideal time to get the easel out into our beautiful garden and create some paintings of the beauty of nature.

Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended29/06/2020

Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended
The academic year 2019-2020 has ended this month. This has been a weird year with the corona virus pandemic causing the live school to end prematurely in march 2020. I was able though to continue to work on my art series 'Digital Waves'.