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Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended29/06/2020

Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended
The academic year 2019-2020 has ended this month. This has been a weird year with the corona virus pandemic causing the live school to end prematurely in march 2020. I was able though to continue to work on my art series 'Digital Waves'.

Corona virus and the academy23/03/2020

Corona virus and the academy
The corona virus is impacting our world, society and the academic school year.

Night of the Academy27/01/2020

Night of the Academy 2020
The weekend of the 25/26th of January there was the night of the academy with a non-stop flow of art events between 12:00 saturday until 12:00 on sunday. I participated at the 1 hour expositions with my fellow student Wilfried.

Start 6th year at Academy01/10/2019

Start 6th year at Academy
The new school year 2019-2020 has already begun. I start my 6th year at the academy of Sint-Niklaas with the continuation of my drawing specialization course.

Disegno - Exposition at the Academy01/05/2019

Disegno - Exposition at the Academy
The exhibition 'Disegno (Drawing) - The drawing as a process' is on display in the academy of Sint-Niklaas . This exhibition consists of 2 parts in which drawing is represented as a process in all its facets - 'the result' (part 1) and 'the sketch / design as the basis of an artistic process' (part 2). In this 2nd part there are also sketches from the teachers and students of the academy - including 4 sketches of myself.