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Exciting news regarding our website updates July 201726/07/2017

Website Update July 2017
It is time for some website updates news ! We have been working hard on extending our website with new functionality. Detailed information for each art item is one of the most visible new exciting features. Each art item can now be displayed on its own detail page which includes alot of information like used materials, background information, extra pictures, etc.

Adobe Munch Content - The 5th Scream17/07/2017

Adobe Munch Contest - The 5th Scream
Adobe launched a contest around the famous work 'The Scream' of Edvard Munch. They digitized Munch's original brushes and made them available as brush tools in photoshop. The idea is to create the 5th version of this famous painting using only those brushes. I participated with my own digital version using a science-fiction theme and did you know that I actually already made my own real oil paint version a long time ago ?

Creative 3th year at the academy10/07/2017

Creative 3th year at the academy
The 3rd school year model drawing at the academy has come to an end. It was again a challenging year in which I tried to bring more depth to my work by developing a theme and also to grow my technical skills and knowledge. 'Digital Waves' was the theme that I focused on last year.

New Illustrations Portfolio04/05/2017

New Illustrations Portfolio
I have always enjoyed fantasy & science-fiction stories & illustrations so I attempt to create my own illustrations from time to time using digital tools like Adobe PS or ArtRage. A new portfolio section with my fantasy & science-fiction illustrations has been added to the web site.

Portrait of Geke in a red chair17/04/2017

Portrait of Geke in a red chair
I recently finished an 'alla prima' oil painting of my wife 'Geke' who is sitting in a comfortable red chair looking outside. This blog post talks about the story behind the creation of the painting from a photo, including a digital painting and some progress shots of the real oil painting.