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Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended29/06/2020

Academy Year 2019-2020 Ended
The academic year 2019-2020 has ended this month. This has been a weird year with the corona virus pandemic causing the live school to end prematurely in march 2020. I was able though to continue to work on my art series 'Digital Waves'.

Academy on Air03/04/2020

Academy on Air
The academy started the 'Academy on Air' initiative to stimulate art students to continue to work from home on there art works and to show pictures of there working spot via the social media.

Corona virus and the academy23/03/2020

Corona virus and the academy
The corona virus is impacting our world, society and the academic school year.

Night of the Academy27/01/2020

Night of the Academy 2020
The weekend of the 25/26th of January there was the night of the academy with a non-stop flow of art events between 12:00 saturday until 12:00 on sunday. I participated at the 1 hour expositions with my fellow student Wilfried.

A Happy 202028/12/2019

A Happy 2020
Best wishes for 2020 !