Swimming Like Fish Shining

Blinking like gold, he waited for love

Oil Painting, 2017


Yellow white angelfish often have a beautiful, shining body due to the reflection of light. Their body easily reflects the many environment colors creating a very wide variety of colors.

Often they seem to be aware of their splendor and hence hang quietly ... showcasing themselves as it were ... maybe looking for love who knows?

This work shows this color power. The palette knife provides an expressive touch.

Material Details

Drawing Media
Oil Paint
Painter Knife
Cotton on canvas
18 x 24 cm

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Oil Painting, 2017
18 x 24 cm
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This artwork is part of our art series:

Swimming Like Fish

Projection of feelings on the fascinating underwater world

  The purpose of art is not to represent the appearance of things, but the inner thing ... that is real reality.