Androids - Morgan 2020

The female android Morgan .. still looking for a better life

Illustration, 2020


Science-fiction fans will no doubt know the movie 'Morgan' from 1996 in which the lovely 'Anya Taylor-Joy' plays he role of test subject 'L9' - a female android with experimental 'emotional feelings'.

The "hybrid biological organism with the capacity for autonomous decision making and sophisticated emotional responses" is smarter than humans and matures quickly, walking and talking within a month and physically a teenager despite being five years old.

Needless to say that the experiment does not go quite as well as expected.

How the movie continues ?  Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.


Recently Anya posted a new photo from herself (made by 'bypip' ) on her instagram account which I found quite striking and that made we think about Morgan being older now and grown up. 


Hence my illustration 'Morgan 2020'.


More detailed info regarding the movie at WIKI.

bypip kindly granted permission to use his original work as a reference for this painting.

Material Details

Digital Software
Adobe Photoshop
Stock References
To make this illustration I have used stock references made available by the following author(s): bypip

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