The colorful underwater world of fish has fascinated me since my youth.

I am the proud owner of my own aquarium and I also find artistic inspiration in this world with its beautiful colorful fish and beautiful plants.

Amazon Impression

This aquarium has a prominent place in our living room and gives an 'impression' of a well-planted amazon river area with as main focus a school of gold-yellow angelfish.


The aquarium is designed to best approach the natural conditions and the habitat - namely the Amazon area - of the angelfish.

I am however a great lover of well-planted aquariums (and also in favor of their contribution to obtaining a natural, stable underwater world) - that is why I use many more plants than you would typically find in an amazon biotope - the number of plants is often much more limited or even just only wood is present - that's why I prefer to call it an 'impression' (rather then a biotope).


The fish stock also includes a school Corydoras Sterbai and a school Cardinal Tetra's.

Technical Features

We strive for the following water values:

6.85 Ph

4.5 Kh

26 Degrees


The dimensions are 120 cm wide x 60 cm height x 55 cm depth.

The aquarium is filtered through an external EHEIM filter and uses a CO2 installation for feeding the plants and keeping the water slightly acidic.


The back wall is self-made and conceals the used equipment.

Thankfully he stood in the pink life ... enjoying the color palette

Swimming Like Fish Life in Pink

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